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We have a reputation for high quality advice and advocacy across all areas of practice with dedicated practitioners at all levels of experience and seniority.

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Alexander Jones secures successive seven figure settlements in life changing motorcyclist accident claims.

Alexander Jones of Atlantic Chambers has secured successive seven figure settlements for his clients in two claims involving life changing injuries.


The first claim involved an accident in April 2022 where the Claimant, riding a motorcycle, overtook a slow-moving vehicle on a country lane. Unbeknown to the Claimant a transit van ahead of the slow-moving vehicle turned across the Claimant’s path into a side road and a collision occurred, with the Claimant suffering life changing injuries – including a complex brachial plexus injury, together with severe orthopaedic injuries.

Liability was hotly contested, with the Defendant relying on dash camera footage of the Claimant’s ‘reckless driving’ and excessive speed. The Claimant had reached out to other firms of solicitors who, despite the life-changing injuries, refused to act on the Claimant’s behalf due to the ‘lack of prospects’.

Notwithstanding the Defendant’s denial of liability, together with Fergus Dalgarno of Smooth Law, Alexander took on the Claimant’s case and secured a settlement (prior to the issue of proceedings) exceeding £1.2 million (net of CRU and interim payments).

The substantial compensation, which the Claimant intends to invest wisely, will allow him to move on with his life. He is secure in the knowledge that he has sufficient money to ensure that all his needs, including care and support, aids and equipment, accommodation and therapy, will be met for life.

Fergus Dalgarno, Solicitor at Smooth Law says:

 “This case serves as another great example of Smooth Law’s (t/a Sorrymate.com) ability to take on and win difficult cases that other solicitors would not accept and that can only be done with the support of Counsel who is prepared to look outside the box and see the potential in difficult cases.”



The second claim involved an accident in March 2023 involving a 70-year-old pillion passenger. Following an accident where liability was disputed between the motorcycle rider and a third-party vehicle, the Claimant was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered life changing injuries.

The Claimant was taken by air ambulance to hospital where she spent a prolonged period receiving intense inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. As a consequence of the collision, BM suffered injuries to the left leg resulting in transfemoral amputation, a shattered right ankle and fractured tibia, fractures to the cervical and lumbar spine, a splenic hematoma, Grade 1 ACJ dislocation/fractured right shoulder and a fractured sternum.

At the time of the collision in early 2023, BM, was a physically active and healthy retiree who enjoyed volunteering work.

Given her reduced mobility her ability to access the pre-collision home was significantly problematic.

BM instructed Fergus Dalgarno of Smooth Law shortly after she was injured. Once Smooth Law were instructed, Fergus Dalgarno arranged for a private case manager to oversee the Claimant’s discharge from hospital and return to her pre-collision home which had been adapted with the necessary equipment and care/support.

Together with Fergus Dalgarno of Smooth Law, Alexander was able to secure funding for the recommended rehabilitation and accommodation adaptations, notwithstanding the liability dispute.

To enable the assessment of BM’s prognosis and long-term needs, the Claimant’s legal team set in motion obtaining expert evidence from a range of experts. At an early stage a report from a prosthetics expert was obtained and a schedule of loss drafted utilising Ogden calculations to ensure the Claimant’s future was secured.

A settlement was achieved for a high seven-figure lump sum (net) at an early stage of the process, and without the need for the Claimant to spend several years awaiting damages and undergoing repeat medico-legal assessment.

BM is looking forward to moving on with her life post-litigation and endeavours to return to her active lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that she has sufficient funds to ensure that all her needs will be met.

Fergus Dalgarno, Solicitor at Smooth Law says:

“Yet another case where Counsel went that extra mile and understood the needs of the client. As a solicitor, it is good to know that you have strong Counsel working in partnership for what was, in this case, a stunning result.”


Alexander Jones acted as sole counsel for the Claimant in both matters and was instructed by Fergus Dalgarno of Smooth Law.

Alex undertakes civil work for both Claimant and Defendant and is willing to accept cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement where the merits allow. Alex strongly encourages early engagement with instructing solicitors to maximise the potential in any claim.

If you wish to discuss any matter his clerks can be contacted on 0151 236 4421.

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