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We have a reputation for high quality advice and advocacy across all areas of practice with dedicated practitioners at all levels of experience and seniority.

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We have a reputation for high quality advice and advocacy across all areas of practice with dedicated practitioners at all levels of experience and seniority.

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Carl Gorton

Call: 1999
Inn: Inner Temple

Professional Profile

Carl has many years experience at the bar specialising in family law.

Areas of Work


Carl is an experienced family barrister specialising in, public law children, private law children, ancillary relief and co-habitation.

Further Information

Notable Cases

NT and another v HT and others – [2021] EWHC 3231 (Fam); [2021] All ER (D) 36 (Dec)

I acted for the third respondent father before Macdonald J on a case concerning inchoate rights of custody and summary return under the Inherent Jurisdiction. I was instructed to appear for the father, facing opposition with silk representation for both the applicant and first respondents.


Re JB (a child) (sexual abuse allegations) KB v A local authority and others – [2021] EWCA Civ 46; [2021] All ER (D) 29 (Feb)

I was led in a successful appeal acting for the appellant mother at the Court of Appeal. Mother appealed against findings made at a finding of fact hearing in care proceedings that she had sexually abused her daughters. The mother was successful in persuading the court that the deficiencies in the investigation and evidence meant that no court could have properly made the findings against the mother. The mother’s legal team were successful in having these findings of abuse set aside.


C (a child) (interim care order: interim separation) – [2020] EWCA Civ 257

I was instructed to represent the children’s guardian in a matter before the Court of Appeal. Supporting the appeal of the local authority, I represented the guardian seeking to overturn the trial judge’s decision disregard the local authority’s care plan.


N (Children: Refusal of Placement Orders) – [2021] EWCA Civ 1652

I played a key role in persuading the Court of Appeal to overturn a Judge’s decision to dismiss a placement application. Acting for the children’s guardian and supporting the appeal of the Local Authority, I assisted in persuading the Court of Appeal that the Judge had not given sufficient consideration to how any rehabilitation of the children could safely proceed, and the appeal was allowed and remitted back to the lower courts.


AA & 25 Ors –  [2019] EWFC 64

I was instructed in a complex case involving 49 parties in total, 25 children and significant and serious allegations of sexual abuse. The case was heard at High Court level due to the complexity of the proceedings and serious allegations made. This was one of the largest trials ever heard in the family justice system and last 15 weeks.


Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council v M & Ors – [2016] EWFC 13

I was led in a finding of fact hearing, acting for a father. The Local Authority sought findings against the parents over the death of their child 20 years prior to the proceedings.


RE S-W (Care Proceedings – Case Management Hearing) – [2015] EWCA Civ 27; [2015] 2 FLR 136

I was instructed to act for the second respondent father before the Court of Appeal supporting the appeal of the mother against final orders made at a Case Management Hearing. The case was heard shortly after the newly introduced Public Law Outline reforms took effect and provided clarity on what each stage of the PLO was intended to look like moving forwards.